HEY: Here’s a 30 second roundup on The Entitled Gen Z.

Let’s cut the BS. Here are the important details.

I’m Emma. I’m 22 and I write when struck by creative genius, and sometimes when I’m not.

I used to write a whole lot more when I was an author at Australia’s largest women’s media network, Mamamia, but now I’m a content creator and coordinator for a health brand — that substacks about varied gripes on the side.

People (A.K.A. Facebook commenters who stumbled across one of the many satirical, self-deprecating articles I've written) have previously described me as:

  • “More entertaining than the Bachelor.” - Tina.

  • “Funnier than most.” - Sarah.

  • A “bimbo tramp with no respect for [my]self” - Grizzly Gee.

  • A “good writer for such a young ‘un” - Carolyn.

  • “🤣 hilarious” - Kim.

  • And, on my writing: “Well that was about 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back.” - Christopher.

…Ever-glowing reviews.

Another piece of feedback I’ve heard more than once, is that I am an “entitled Gen Z snowflake” because one time, I wrote about why I don't like skinny jeans and that really riled up the gen Xers (this is a joke Gen Xers I love you, don’t click out yet please).

I get it. Ok.

My opinions on fashion trends can be divisive. Sharing my body count in an article once proved alienating to a wide audience of hard-core Christians, incels, and my grandparents.

So fair warning - if that’s not your thing, we might just not be made for each other. I understand.

In this newsletter, you can expect stream-of-consciousness style writing on the weird and wonderful things I’m doing and/or the way I view the world. You’ll notice I also love a two-way conversation, so please always feel free to hit reply or leave a comment. I’m so excited for you to join my little community. I promise I’ll throw in some valuable recommendations here and there, too.

That’s all from me, I’ll see you in your inbox!

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